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What is the difference between a self-consumption installation and a network connected?

Self-contained stand-alone installation generates electricity for the producer-consumer in remote locations without access to the power grid. The autoconfiguration installation connected to the network can be by measuring network (instead instead of developing countries): when the surplus energy is in the network and soon it is returned when it is needed The objective is to reduce the consumption of electric energy From the network. Currently, the latter can be useful for trades and industries that consume electricity during the day (fruit warehouses, frozen or farms).

What differences are between different brands from photoviltaic manufactures?

The guarantee of photovoltaic panels is a controversial subject, sometimes difficult to treat, let's take the example of a price of 100W and a week after receiving a detection of a loss of power. If the characteristics indicated have a tolerance of +/- 3% that has been in our panel generate 97W in STC. If the warranty covers 90% of the actual power, maintaining a power guarantee request, the production return panel less than 87.3W, without taking into account the error margin of the measuring instruments, which may be 1% And 5% depending on the machine used. In these cases it is good to have an experienced authorized distributor who first analyzes a quality of the modules supplied, and second, if applicable, to be able to negotiate as guarantee conditions with the direct manufacturers to defend the rights of customers in case of Claim of guarantees.

How do i register?
You can register via the register field. After analyzing your provided data, you can access all areas of our platform, including price offers. For your registration, you need to introduce the following information: company address, contact person and valid proof of the company's existence, including sales tax number, since Mprime platform is only for professional use.
What is the warranty of equipment?

Usually a guarantee of production of the countries is 90% of the first 10 years and of 80% until the 25 years. Now there is a linear guarantee of production, in some cases it decreases 0.7% / year from 2 to 25 years, so follows a certain relation with the aging of the panel and, therefore, a more real guarantee.What is the Photovoltaic power plant solution? Depending on where you install it, incline and guidelines, for example a 20kW installation in Valencia with orientation and orientation 35º can be a product 31700kWh / year, for more information, see A web of pvgis.

Can I use any type of battery or cable in a PV system?

In fact yes, but it is more recommended, use both solar batteries specially developed to discharge slow and deep as solar cable (prepared to withstand high operating temperatures.

Can combined different sources of renewable energy in the same installation?

Yes, it is possible. Photovoltaic solar energy can be combined with other types of electricity generation as both renewable and conventional sources. For example, you can install a PV system with support of mini-eolic energy, mini-hydro, etc. These rooms are like hybrid calls.

What information is required for the size of a photovoltaic installation for self consumption?

The data is given at the time of the sizing of a solar system. PV for self-consumption are a location, orientation and slope of the surface on an installation platform and calculation of shadows and wind. It should also be analyzed as the consumption profile, with the detail of: consumption curve, measured peaks, distribution of the same throughout the day and possibility to shift certain consumptions on the day. Once all these data are extracted, we study the combination Of the most appropriate photovoltaic components for said installation.
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